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What is Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy and How Does it Work? A Comprehensive Guide

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that combines hypnosis with positive psychology and solution-focused techniques. It aims to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals by focusing on your strengths and resources. In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of solution-focused hypnotherapy and how it can help you improve your mental health and well-being.

What is Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis to help you focus on your strengths and resources, rather than your problems and limitations. It is based on the principles of positive psychology and solution-focused therapy, which emphasize the importance of setting goals, identifying strengths, and finding solutions to problems. Solution-focused hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, phobias, and addiction.

How does Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy work?

Solution-focused hypnotherapy works by helping you access your subconscious mind, where your beliefs, values, and emotions are stored. During a hypnosis session, I guide you into a relaxed state, allowing you to access your subconscious mind more easily. I then use positive suggestions and imagery to help you focus on your strengths and resources and to visualise yourself achieving your goals. Over time, this can help you develop new patterns of thinking and behaviour, leading to positive changes in your life.

What are the benefits of Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution-focused hypnotherapy has many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, boosting confidence and self-esteem, and can help you overcome phobias and addictions. It can also be effective in managing chronic pain and improving overall physical health. Additionally, solution-focused hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s improving your performance at work, in sports, or overcoming personal challenges such as weight loss or quitting smoking.

What to expect during a Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy session?

During a solution-focused hypnotherapy session, I will guide you into a relaxed state of hypnosis. This state is similar to daydreaming or being in a trance-like state. I will then use positive language and visualisation techniques to help you focus on your desired outcome or goal. You remain in control throughout the session and can choose to come out of hypnosis at any time. I will also provide you with an MP3 to play each night before you go to sleep to help you continue your progress toward your goal.

Is this something you want to try?

Did you know I offer a FREE Initial Consultation?

An Initial Consultation will last about 45 minutes. It will give us the chance to meet and an opportunity to find out what you would like to work on. I will also give you an explanation of the brain and how it works in relation to your personal situation.

After a discussion on your expectations and desired outcomes from hypnotherapy, I will talk you through the way in which Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be used successfully to help you achieve your goals and create a positive change in your life.

To book your FREE initial consultation, please follow the link to my website -

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