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  • 50 minutes
  • 60 British pounds
  • Days Mill Treatment Rooms, Nailsworth|Soliman's Solutions, Cam, Gloucestershire

Service Description

Low confidence can affect anybody at any time. It could be affecting one area of your life, such as work, relationships or every area of your life. Low confidence can hold you back from your true potential, from achieving everything you want in life, both professionally and personally. Do you ever find yourself worrying about what other people think of you? Think that you aren’t good enough? Feel the need to apologise all the time? If you are feeling like this, you may well be relying on others for reassurance. Hypnotherapy can help develop your confidence and self-belief. Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you identify your strengths and develop your confidence and self-belief. It will focus on what you can do and more importantly what you want to achieve. We will only be looking at your successes and help you to feel more confident and able to deal with all situations in your life with ease. Booking an initial consultation will give you a better understanding of why you have low confidence, by explaining the solution focused hypnotherapy based on the science of how the brain works. Not only will you understand what is causing you to feel like this but most importantly you will learn how to feel so much better.

Cancellation Policy

Please note all appointments booked require a 24 hour notice cancellation period or a charge may be incurred.

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