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Soliman's Solutions Hypnotherapy

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Soliman's Solutions Hypnotherapy

If you are suffering from the anxieties and troubles of modern-day living, I can greatly improve your future in a calming, confidential, and positive way by using the scientifically proven therapy of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Offering in person hypnotherapy services in Cam, Gloucestershire as well as online hypnotherapy sessions.



Hypnotherapy is when different language patterns and metaphors are used to create a deep state of relaxation and you go into a trance. A trance is really very ordinary. We go into a trance all the time. When we are driving the car, watching the television, anything at all. It is a bit like daydreaming, and it is when your primitive and intellectual mind come together and focus on the same thing. Then we have access to the subconscious mind, and this will really help.

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Introduction To Hypnotherapy

Everyone at some point will, unfortunately, encounter certain events or situations in their lives that are so difficult to cope with. The strain this can put on your mental health can be significant, and it can also greatly affect your sleep. Most modern-day symptoms are stress based and this can also tremendously affect your sleep patterns.


Hypnotherapy can greatly reduce your anxiety and stress levels through deep relaxation. Soliman’s Solutions Hypnotherapy allows you to make positive changes to your life in a relatively short amount of time, by using clinically proven techniques and trance.


If you are still unsure about whether hypnotherapy is the right thing for you, come along for a free initial consultation. You will find out why you have been suffering in the way you do and will learn what happens to the brain during trance and how it will help you. You are under absolutely no obligation and it is completely free.


Soliman's Solutions Hypnotherapy has helped me so much with stress management and regulating my sleeping pattern

My sessions with Vicci have been been amazing, the hypnotherapy is very effective and has helped so much with my anxiety

Hypnotherapy has really helped me manage my anxiety and self esteem, I always feel so much better after my session with Vicci

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